miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

Radian Juxtaposition

Radian is an Austrian experimental music group.
Their music touches on instrumental rock, post-rock, jazz and electronica, and is notable for imitating some of the more demanding musical structures of intelligent dance music.

The trio was formed in 1996, in Vienna.

Members are:
Martin Brandlmayr - drums, vibraphone, percussion and computer (also a solo artist, member of Trapist, Kapital Band 1 and Autistic Daughters).Stefan Németh - synthesizer and computer (also cofounder of the Mosz label, member of Lokai and working with video artists) and John Norman - bass guitar


martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Manual Ascend

Manual is the performing name of electronic musician, Jonas Munk, from Odense, Denmark. Manual's music is considered to be in the styles of ambient dream pop and indietronica. His sound tends to contain a mix of software synthesizers, guitars (sometimes sampled or heavily processed), and various digital signal processing effects. Mixing elements of pop, glitch, and indie music, Manual is compared to artists ranging from IDM artists, such as Boards of Canada, as well as shoegazer groups like My Bloody Valentine.

1 Midnight Is Where the Day Begins  5:54
2 Astoria  4:42
3 Out for the Summer  3:52
4 Cassy  6:51
5 The Distance  4:50
6 A.M.  2:18
7 As the Moon Spins Around  7:15
8 Keeps Coming Back  5:55

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