martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Aphex Twin Come to Daddy

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Clear Spot

Don Van Vliet (born Don Glen Vliet on January 15, 1941) is an American musician and painter, best known by the stage name Captain Beefheart. His musical work was mainly conducted with a rotating assembly of musicians called The Magic Band, which was active between the mid-1960s and the early 1980s. Van Vliet was chiefly a singer and harmonica player, occasionally playing saxophone, bass clarinet and keyboards. His compositions are characterized by their odd mixtures of shifting time signatures and by their surreal lyrics, while Van Vliet himself is noted for his dictatorial approach to his musicians and for his enigmatic relationship with the public.

The Magic Band's early output was rooted in blues but soon began to draw on additional influences. 1969's Trout Mask Replica takes cues from free jazz and contemporary experimental composition. Frustrated with a lack of commercial success, and fed up with Van Vliet's paranoia and dictatorial nature, the group disbanded in 1974. After a brief flirtation with more conventional rock music — resulting in two albums that he has since disowned — Van Vliet formed a new Magic Band with a group of younger musicians and produced three albums that revisited the eccentricities of his earlier work. Van Vliet's music attracted a devoted following and his influence on fellow musicians, particularly those of the punk and New Wave movements, has been described as "incalculable."

Clear Spot is the seventh album by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, originally released on LP in 1972 in a clear plastic sleeve.

lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Throwing Muses 1986

Throwing Muses are an alternative rock band formed in 1981 in Newport, Rhode Island, that toured and recorded extensively until 1997, when its members began concentrating more on other projects. The group was originally fronted by two lead singers, Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly, who both wrote the group's songs. Throwing Muses are known for performing music with shifting tempos, creative chord progressions, unorthodox song structures, and surreal lyrics. The group was set apart from other contemporary acts by Hersh's stark, candid writing style; Donelly's pop stylings and vocal harmonies; and David Narcizo's unusual drumming techniques eschewing use of cymbals. Hersh's hallucinatory, febrile songs occasionally touched on the subject of mental illness, more often drawing portraits of characters from daily life or addressing relationships.

  1. "Call Me" - 3:59
  2. "Green" - 3:04
  3. "Hate My Way" - 4:06
  4. "Vicky's Box" - 5:09
  5. "Rabbits Dying" - 3:49
  6. "America (She Can't Say No)" - 2:47
  7. "Fear" - 2:45
  8. "Stand Up" - 2:56
  9. "Soul Soldier" - 5:10
  10. "Delicate Cutters" - 3:53

Throwing Muses Fish

Lustmord/Rich Stalker

Stalker (1995) is a collaborative album by ambient musicians Robert Rich and B.Lustmord (Brian Williams). It was inspired by the 1979 film of the same name by Andrei Tarkovski.

  1. ”Elemental Trigger” – 6:06
  2. ”Synergistic Perceptions” – 10:59
  3. ”Hidden Refuge” – 9:36
  4. ”Delusion Fields” – 9:33
  5. ”Omnipresent Boundary” – 15:00
  6. ”Undulating Terrain” – 5:36
  7. ”A Point of No Return” – 11:35

sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

Oval Systemisch

Oval is an electronic music group founded in Germany in 1991.The band's original members were Markus Popp, Sebastian Oschatz, and Frank Metzger, although Oschatz and Metzger left the group in 1995. All three are regarded as pioneers of glitch, a genre of music that embraces the sound of damaged audio produced by the failure of digital equipment. Disdaining the use of synthesizers, Oval instead deliberately mutilated CDs by writing on them with felt pens, then processed the palette of fragmented sounds to create a very rhythmic electronic style.
  • 1. Textuell
  • 2. Aero Deck
  • 3. The Politics Of Digital Audio
  • 4. Schoner Wissen
  • 5. Catchy DAAD
  • 6. Mediation
  • 7. Tonregie
  • 8. Oval Office
  • 9. Compact Disc
  • 10. Post-Post
  • 11. Gabba Nation

viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

Mouse on Mars Autoditacker

Mouse on Mars is a duo from Germany (Jan St. Werner, from Köln, and Andi Toma, from Düsseldorf) who have been making electronic music since 1993. Their music is a sometimes quirky blend of techno, trance, disco, and ambient with a heavy dollop of analog synth sounds.Their music also utilizes live conventional rock instruments such as drums, bass and guitar.

  1. "Sui Shop"
  2. "Juju"
  3. "Twift Shoeblade"
  4. "Tamagnocchi"
  5. "Dark FX"
  6. "Scat"
  7. "Tux & Damask"
  8. "Sehnsud"
  9. "X-Flies"
  10. "Schnick Schnack Meltmade"
  11. "Rondio"
  12. "Maggots Hell Wigs"

Mogwai Tracy

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009


1. Sonic Boom - Overture [Spacemen 3] (1:54)
2. Kurt Ralske - Tar, Iodine, Blood + Rust [Ultra Vivid Scene] (2:40)
3. Kathy Korniloff - I Really Can't Say [Two Nice Girls] (2:59)

4. Jeffrey Evans - Longwood Mansion [Gibson Brothers] (1:46)

5. Wayne Coyne - I Want to Kill My Brother: The Cymbal Head [The Flamin' Lips] (3:36)

6. J Mascis - A Little Ethnic Song [Dinosaur Jr.] (2:58)

7. Dean Wareham - West Broadway [Galaxie 500] (2:38)

8. Mark E. Robinson - Guitarrorists Theme [Unrest] (1:44)

9. Marc Gentry - Mariposa [Rein Sanction] (2:43)
10. Dave Rick - Where's Gitchi Oombigat At? [King Missle] (4:01)

11. Kat Bjellend - Bruise Violet [Babes in Toyland] (3:12)

12. Thurston Moore - Blues for Spacegirl [Sonic Youth] (4:51)

13. Helios Creed - Green Volcano [Chrome] (1:37)

14. Tom Hazelmeyer - Guitar Wank-Off #13 [Halo of Flies] (3:16)

15. Paul Leary - Fillipé Mepelpeepe [Butthole Surfers] (3:19)

16. Nick Salomon - Dark Field [Bevis Frond] (3:00)

17. Don Fleming - Sound as Steel [Gumball] (1:08)
18. Kim Gordon - Kitten [Sonic Youth] (1:43)

19. Nikki Sudden - Cats Cradle (3:26)

20. Kramer - Ovulation Always Brings Me Down [Bongwater] (2:23)

21. Neil Haggerty - Fallen off the Rocks [Royal Trux] (4:03)

22. Wayne Rogers - Hoichi the Earless [Crystalized Movements] (3:28)
23. Rick McCollum - Spider Plum [Afgan Whigs] (4:18)

24. Marcy Mays - Always Late [Scrawl] (1:06)

25. Lee Renaldo - Here [Sonic Youth] (5:27)

26. Steve Albini - Nutty About Lemurs [Big Black] (1:43)

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