martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Rachel's Music for Egon Schiele

Rachel's is an American  band that formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 1991. Former Rodan guitarist, Jason Noble, played music individually and referred to himself as Rachel's but then began collaborating with now core members, violist Christian Frederickson, and pianist Rachel Grimes. 

The group's work is strongly influenced by classical music, particularly inspired by the minimalist music of the late 20th century, and its composition reflects this. While the trio forms the core part of the band, the group's recordings and performances feature a varying ensemble of musicians, who play a range of string instruments (including viola and cello) in combination with piano, guitars, electric bass guitar, and a drum set that includes a large orchestral bass drum.

  1. Family Portrait
  2. Egon & Gertie
  3. First Self-Portrait Series
  4. Mime Van Osen
  5. Second Self-Portrait Series
  6. Wally, Egon & Models in the Studio
  7. Promenade
  8. Third Self-Portrait Series
  9. Egon, Edith & Wally Meet
  10. Egon & Wally Embrace and Say Farewell
  11. Egon & Edith
  12. Second Family Portrait

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Mark dijo...

wiseup dijo...

This record is really nice.
oh. and I love your blog.

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