martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Television Personalities Privilege

The Television Personalities are an English group with a varying line-up. The only constant member is singer–songwriter Dan Treacy, who uses the band as a vehicle for his music. Their first release (January 1978) was the single "14th Floor / Oxford Street W1". Their second release, the EP Where's Bill Grundy Now? features one of their best-known songs, "Part Time Punks".'Privilege', was pencilled in for a Dreamworld release, but instead the band signed a contract with Fire Records, who released their first album for 6 years in 1990. 'Privilege' finally gave a release to material that had been honed in the live environment over the previous five years. The LP featured a strong collection of songs that included the playful single 'Salvador Dali's Garden Party'. Two EPs followed before another album, 'Closer to God' in 1992. This was a double album which contained much to admire, including a return to a more personal style of song writing, as seen on the tracks 'Very Dark Today' and 'My Very First Nervous Breakdown'.

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I find this band annoying most of the time but this album was/is great!

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