martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Tannis Root presents Freedom of Choice

Great compilation of new wave "oldies" played by 90's grunge generation.

1. Ca Plane Pour Moi - Sonic Youth
2. Rock & Roll Girl - The Muffs
3. Destination Unknown - Erectus Monotone
4. How Much More? - Redd Kross
5. 5' 1" - Tiny Lights
6. Pump It Up - Mudhoney
7. Wait - Das Damen
8. Tainted Love - Finger
9. Wishing - It's OK
10. Dreaming - Yo La Tengo
11. Wuthering Heights - White Flag
12. I Got You - The Connells
13. Homosapien - Big Dipper
14. Mexican Radio - Polvo
15. Antmusic - Hypnolovewheel
16. Don't You Want Me Baby - Chia Pet
17. Hero Worship - Permanent Green Light
18. Girl U Want - Superchunk

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