domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Lounge AX Defense & Relocation

Lounge Ax is a nightclub in Chicago which faces the threat of shutdown by zoning and liquor authorities. LOUNGE AX DEFENSE AND RELOCATION CD is an effort by Touch & Go Records and some of the club's regular acts to help pay its legal fees. All of the tracks are previously unreleased (1996).

01The Jesus Lizard - Uncommonly Good
02Shellac - Killers

03Sebadoh - Whole Hog
04June of 44 - Rivers and Plains
05The Coctails - Wood Bee

06Guided by Voices - Beneath a Festering Moon

07Archers of Loaf - Mark Price P.I.

08Bad Livers - Wild Bill Jones
09Yo La Tengo - Attack on Love
10Mekons - Axcerpt

11Superchunk - Fader Rules

12Seam - The Prizefighters

13Tortoise - Restless Waters

14Rachel's - Those Pearls

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