miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Main Hz

Main was formed in 1991 by Robert Hampson and Scott Dawson, former members of Loop. They combined ambient sound with layers of electric guitars and dark, foreboding emotional overtones. In 2006 Hampson announced that Main had been effectively disbanded in favour of his solo work.This is the entire EP series called HERTZ, sound: Main. words: R.Hampson,includes a booklet with many more pictures of dtchen and metamorphic rocks, as well as the name of each single spelled out in a semaphore-style code. CORONA dedicated to Alan Splet. saxophone by Joe Gardiner. KAON dedicated to Jon Gilmone. recorded dtve to 2-track at Thirst. produced by Main Recorded and mixed at Thirst.

Hertz Project: *Hertz 1 - Corona (12"/mini cd 1995)*Hertz 2 - Terminus (12"/mini cd 1995)*Hertz 3 - Maser (12"/mini cd 1995)*Hertz 4 - Haloform (12"/mini cd 1995)*Hertz 5 - Kaon (12"/mini cd 1995)*Hertz 6 - Neper (12"/mini cd 1995)

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Mark dijo...

Main Hz Disc 1:


Main Hz Disc 2:


Anónimo dijo...

many thanks - i greatly enjoy my old loop cd's but did not know of this offshoot until today

Co-existence dijo...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Co-existence dijo...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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