jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

Sigmatropic Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories

In 2002 Akis Boyatzis (founder of Sigmatropic) released an album that put music to the Haiku poetry of Nobel Prize winning Greek laureate George Seferis. Now he is taking this work to an international audience by re-releasing Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories with newly recorded English vocals supplied by a collection of renowned alternative artists. Amongst the talent roster are Robert Wyatt, Lee Ranaldo, Howe Gelb and Mark Eitzel.
Stylistically the album spans everything from pop, world, ambient, acoustic and rock-lite. It's also littered throughout with unexpected twists that keep the music from being easily classified although the over-riding mood is cinematic, dramatic as well as meditative. Sigmatropic balance a combination of electronic and traditional instruments, beats and rich arrangements that create a surprisingly cohesive landscape despite so many styles being employed.

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