martes, 27 de enero de 2009

71 minutes of Faust

Faust is a German krautrock band, originally composed of Werner "Zappi" Diermaier, Hans Joachim Irmler, Arnulf Meifert, Jean-Hervé Péron, Rudolf Sosna and Gunter Wüsthoff, working with producer Uwe Nettelbeck and engineer Kurt Graupner.The group formed in 1971 in the rural setting of Wümme. They secured a lucrative record deal with Polydor and soon began recording their debut, Faust, which sold poorly but received critical acclaim for its innovative approach and established a devoted fanbase. Faust became one of the premier bands in the international appreciation of the genre that would eventually be known as krautrock.

71 Minutes of Faust

3 comentarios:

Dr Faustroll dijo...

Great post... Faust is a Krautrock masterpiece and, even more, one of the greatest alchemist of modern music!

Tártaro uh dijo...

Thanks Dr Faustroll.I like "Faust IV" and "Faust I" too.

Congratulations for your blog,especiallly the posts of Billy Childish..uau..and The Fall...uau.

See you later Doc...

Thomas dijo...

faUSt are quite simply the most innovative band of all time. always were and still are.

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